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How Kits for Kidz can help your organization reach its goals

Kits for Kidz provides resourceful solutions for Care Agencies, Relief Groups, Churches/Ministries, Corporations/Businesses, Government/Military Agencies, School Districts, Educational Offices, and more to ensure those in need are provided for with essential products from school supplies for education and learning to basic hygiene items, clothing, first-aid, and more. Learn more about how Kits for Kidz can help your organization. →

To aid these groups in their efforts and initiatives, we offer the services below. You can learn more about each service by clicking on them below.

Close X Trying to purchase a supply kit for your child through their school, please click here for the www.shopttkits.com website.
Looking for information on SchoolKidz supply kit program, please click here for the www.teachertailored.com website.
Missed the ordering deadline on your SchoolKidz School Supply Kit order, please click here for the www.buildakit.net website.