At Kits for Kidz, we want to provide a reliable and affordable alternative solution for charities, care agencies, churches, relief groups/organizations, other non-profit entities and schools to purchase essential products for disadvantaged adults and children in their care and their community.

We are dedicated to becoming your number one solution for all your product sourcing and assembly needs. We source thousands of products from well-know vendors at competitive prices that are well below that of average retail price.

Last year, we helped to provide over:

160,000 Pencil Cases

100,000 Clothing Items

102,000 Toothbrushes

235,000 Backpacks

Kits for Kidz was founded on the belief that every child deserves the proper tools in order to succeed in the classroom. Since then, our beliefs have expanded beyond the classroom and children to encompass the belief that every individual (child, youth, and adult) should be given the proper tools they need in order to become a successful individual and achieve whatever goals they set. Throughout our partnerships we have seen hundreds of amazing causes and initiatives.

Kits for Kidz is proud to work with many non-profit groups, all sharing a common objective – working to serve the most deprived and deserving children both domestically and internationally. Below are just a few of these wonderful organizations helping to make a difference:

  • Children of America
  • Kids In Need Foundation
  • Illinois Currency Exchange
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