Frequently Asked Questions

1Tell me about the Kits for Kidz program.
Kits for Kidz program provides resourceful solutions for charities, care agencies, churches, relief organizations, and schools to ensure the less fortunate are provided with the essential products they require.
2What types of organizations do you work with?
We work with a wide variety of organizations including relief groups, school districts, churches, government agencies, shelters, and corporations.
3Can I place my order now and request a delivery date in the future?
Yes! We are happy to hold orders until you need the product.
4We want to help but do not know how to go about it.
We work with many organizations that need assistance. We will happily introduce you to a deserving group or organization.
5Can I customize a kit style or create my own?
Absolutely! We can customize kit styles based on your specifications, needs, and budget.
6Is there a minimum order requirement?
The minimum order amount on our stock product is $1500.00. Any kit, backpack or stock item can be combined to reach this minimum.
7Can you ship my order where I need it to go?
Product is shipped dock to dock to your choice of destination in the continental United States.
8What are my payment options?
We accept purchase orders, credit card payments, and company check.
9Is the product I receive ever used?
We only sell new, high-quality items that are safe for children.
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